“Golf became an obsession from a very early age. BNKR has brought me back to the game that I’ve loved all along.”

BNKR Golf Club is a Pacific Northwest based boutique golf lifestyle label that has established a global presence through private label apparel goods and accessories - showcasing a next-level scope of creativity, trend savviness and storytelling. The brand's tag line Threads From The Trap pays tribute to its early days growing up in California's Bay Area playing made up holes alongside skyscrapers and trolly cars.

Our mission is to communicate our unique interpretation of the game through the swings we make, the goods we create, and the people we meet

Q: If you had to describe the game of Golf in one word what would it be?

A: Seductive. She's a tempting and attractive mistress. Enticing you around every nob, hill & berm.

Q: When did you start playing golf?

A: My Dad introduced me to golf around 8-9, earliest I can remember, but it was my grandfather that started taking me out with him regularly around 11-12.

Q: Favorite course you’ve played?

A: At this point I'd have to say Chambers Bay. It was a recent trip, but it was a pivotal moment in my golfing life. The vision and architecture around that place still has me lost in day dreams.


Q: What inspired you to start BNKR?

A: Burnt out by the constant grind of the corporate 9-5 life I was desperately looking for a creative outlet. I made a commitment to push myself in a completely different way and see where it leads. With golf being an obsession at an early age BNKR became a very natural and un-forced fit.

Q: What brand of golf ball do you play?

A: Honestly - whatever I have in the bag. I don't really care what ball I'm playing at any given moment. There's enough ball data awareness now to adjust where necessary if you feel like the ball will react differently based on brand, core, compression, etc.

Q: If you could play any course in the world where would you book your tee time?

A: I think it's a split between Pebble and Augusta National for me. Maybe Augusta breaks the tie due to how exclusive it is, but I really want a lap around Pebble.